Covert Solar Rock


Covert Solar Rock: 5w covert solar panel with damage resistant cables used to charge external batteries and run devices in remote and covert applications. Made in the form factor of a rock to blend in with natural surroundings often found in outdoor use cases.Utilizes UV transmissive paint to allow solar power to keep batteries and devices charged in the field for extended deployments.

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  • Minimize Deployment Site Disturbance
  • Reduce Hassle & Cost of Battery Replacement
  • Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Extend Battery Life
  • Multiple covert form-factors available
  • Optional Battery Box for systems without rechargeable batteries.



  • Maximizes solar charging efficiency under all lighting conditions.
  • Incorporates Constant Current/ Constant Voltage Battery Charging to ensure batteries are properly charged
  • Improved charging performance on overcast days or in partially shaded areas.
  • Rodent Resistant Cabling
  • Metal tabs can be used to secure the CSP to slopes.
  • Use the optional WRDM Battery Saver Module to ensure batteries are not damaged due to over discharging