Both. In addition to Wi-Fi, ISC cameras deliver smart, secure cellular transmission across multiple carriers including At&T’s FirstNet platform, designed specifically for first responders.

We offer a comprehensive warranty with paid subscription service as outlined in our service contract. If you have additional questions, please contact your ISC sales representative directly.

Please refer to our Service Agreement for information on all available plans. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your ISC sales representative to discuss.

In the user manual provided you will see the link and registration process. For further support please reach out to

You can visit and log into your account to control any of your cameras. All of the settings can be changed there and remotely sent to any of your deployed units.

The camera can send information to/from anywhere in the USA. Much like a cellular phone, there is no distance cap on how far the unit will transmit.

Contact your ISC sales representative to discuss opportunities for demonstration and trial. Or email us directly at


The ISC camera management platform runs on any modern web browser and supports phone, tablet and desktop devices.

A Class 10 SD card. Up to 1 TB is supported.

ISC cameras can use either 8AA Lithium batteries or a 12v external power source. Battery life is variable based on usage, however ISC cameras are designed to preserve battery life by allowing you to customize how and when you transmit data and never processing content you don’t need.

Your camera will display a solid green light above the lens when it is armed and ready. This typically takes 2-3 minutes and once ready you will receive a “Ready to Use” email confirmation.

We have an array of offerings such as our Security Enclosure, Cable Enclosure and External Power Plug. You can see all available ISC products and accessories on our products page.