Scout Series

The Scout Series from ISC features products engineered to meet the strictest needs and standards of our country’s first responders. From the robust, all-around intelligent focus of the SC410 to the specialized features of our SC810-T Thermal unit under development, ISC has you covered.

Built For Your Needs

The ISC lineup of products are built rugged and reliable in the United States to work as hard as you do, providing all-weather, real-time surveillance.

Covert Surveillance

ISC’s UGS™ units offer true real-time remote transmission of actionable data while utilizing extended power resources to keep you informed.​


Our cameras offer full discrimination and recognition of license plate numbers and capability of instantaneous database evaluation.

Facial Recognition

Utilizing advanced analytic capabilities and an ever-evolving database, you gain the ability to search faces and recognize potential threats in a multitude of environments.

Prosecutable Images

With our native 12mp images and 4K Ultra HD video, the content provided supports full evidentiary use.

Delivering Surveillance Where You Need It Most


ISC's cameras solve a wide variety of security problems with remote access capabilities and cellular transmission. Ascertain views of your surroundings with native 12mp images and 4k ultra HD video. Stay connected at any time, anywhere.

Law Enforcement

Our cameras permit America’s police the ability to reach critical information at any time with true GPS tracking. Utilize remote security and take advantage of our multi-carrier 4G LTE speed and remain connected. Using DSLR-like precision, view sharp pictures and 4K videos with crisp clarity captured by superior sensors.


Advance your security network and utilize the latest in LTE connectivity to provide you with real-time content. View your surroundings with the highest quality of cameras that offer 12mp images and 4K Ultra HD video.


Use actionable surveillance and capture vital information. ISC cameras offer native 12mp images and 4K Ultra HD video to provide you with undeniable intelligence. Take advantage of our camera's internal GPS tracking system that connects with multiple satellites.

real-time actionable surveillance and intelligence

ISC remote intelligent surveillance units provide the needed remote security capabilities through cellular transmission or wifi connectivity; work smarter and safer and utilize your resources efficiently.

built for your needs

The ISC lineup of cameras are built rugged and reliable in the united states to work as hard as you do, providing all weather, real-time surveillance.

a valued team member

Adding ISC as your newest partner, you can effectively and efficiently get the job done in a safe, controlled manner.

rugged and reliable all-weather

Just as you have to respond to any given situation at any given time, the ISC RISS™ unit is on the job 24/7; regardless of the weather or circumstances, you can count on us.