Our Mission

Here at Intelligent Surveillance™ Corporation, our commitment is to law enforcement and customers alike. As the leader in remote surveillance technology, we provide safe, secure, and effective units. We build relationships with our clientele based on values rather than interests. Values are life-lasting, but interests fade and change over time. We strive to produce products with unrivaled value and cutting-edge innovation for years to come.

Leaders in Innovation

With over a decade of experience, we continuously push the parameters of the surveillance industry and are dedicated to producing innovative products with leading-edge technology.

Problem Solving

We push the boundaries of design for products with a multitude of applications to solve complex situations and meet our customers’ needs.


We take pride in meeting customer needs and providing outstanding service.


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The faces of “MADE IN THE USA”


President and chairman of the board of directors

Stephanie is the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intelligent Surveillance Corporation and has helped build the company from the ground up. Previously, she was the Operations Coordinator and Administrative Officer for the Head of Cook Campus at Rutgers University, eventually leaving her position there for a promotion to stay-at-home mom. Stephanie currently utilizes her skills from her time at Rutgers University, as well as her tenure at Wachovia/Wells Fargo in their securities department, to help guide the development of Intelligent Surveillance Corporation. Stephanie is the mother of five beautiful daughters and four bullmastiffs.


Chief Executive Officer

David is the Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Surveillance Corporation and is primarily responsible for product design and development. With 10+ years of entrepreneurial initiatives focused on protecting lives, David owns a rich history working with many U.S. Federal Government Agencies. These Agencies include the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

After 9/11, David received the highest federal security clearance a civilian can achieve. Previously he protected lives as Lieutenant of Chesterfield Hose Company’s Firefighter Assist and Search Team (FAST) program. FAST teams are dedicated solely to the search and rescue of other firefighters in distress.

David earned multiple degrees including a BS in Engineering from the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University.


Executive vice president

Working the last several years alongside David leading company growth and innovation, Marc has a combined 14 years of managerial experience in multiple industries. He took his managerial experience a step further and obtained a Degree in Business Management. Marc takes pride when it comes to knowing the latest and greatest trends in our industry to ensure our company stays ahead of the never ending innovation curve, seen in the IoT sector of technology.

He is purpose driven and results orientated, bringing a hands-on, personable approach that is backed with industry knowledge and adds unique forward-looking insight to ISC. Marc is thrilled to drive ISC’s technology in the government and LEO sector and looks forward to implementing future products to come.


Chief operating officer

Peter is a 36-year-old family man with a wonderful wife and 2 amazing kids. He comes to us with over 10 years of experience in quality assurance in the manufacturing world where he was also a certified iso: 9001 internal auditor, and acquired security clearance for working on state and government products for both the U.S. And international clients.

Peter has years of experience in consumer relations in a variety of environments and a strong suit in administration and office management. With his background, he hopes to become an integral part of our organization and looks forward to making an impact at ISC building relationships, looking to the future, and bringing support to the president and CEO.



Cindy joined ISC in 2020. She lives in Forney with her husband and three amazing kids. She brings with her an extensive amount of experience in management and administrative support. In her role, she leads all aspects of technical support and training for the ISC team and looks forward in helping to achieve significant scale in the years ahead.


Vice President of Operations

Galen holds degrees from Texas A&M University and Baylor University. He has helped manage a variety of businesses in Texas over the past 34 years. He has been with Intelligent Surveillance Corporation since 2018.


Strategic Account Executive

Chad graduated from North Carolina Central University in 1998 with honors and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He has 22 years of experience in law enforcement, the last 17 years being specifically in drug enforcement. Chad is certified by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission as a general instructor, firearms instructor, physical fitness instructor, rapid deployment/active shooter instructor, subject control and arrest techniques instructor, and basic law-enforcement training school director. He is certified as an advanced S.W.A.T. operator, an H&K submachine gun operator, sniper, ground fighting instructor, and a certified Glock Armorer. With a well-decorated background in law enforcement, he comes to ISC as a Strategic Account Executive. He is excited to bring his experience to the ISC team to help further use his knowledge in the field to help other agencies be more proficient and relentless in their pursuit of crime with the adoption of ISC’s technology.


Machine shop manager

Dennis spent 11 years working in the outdoor industry and attained a well-known footprint in the business prior to becoming part of ISC. His unique background includes managerial experience of large-scale companies and vast knowledge of photography and videography. Dennis is thrilled to bring ISC to the forefront of the consumer market and positively impact that sector. He’s looking forward to many years of new technologies and forming sound relationships based on mutual values.


Executive Accounts

James joins ISC with over a decade of medical sales experience blended with a passion for remote photography and trail cameras. He lives with his wonderful wife, Nicole, and their 3 daughters in Western Wisconsin. James will be a key asset when it comes to enhancing the customer experience, product development and increasing market share.


Manufacturing logistics


Manufacturing supervisor

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